You might know what Obese means...
...But do you know how it Feels?

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The Obesity Empathy Suit

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Call today on: +44 (0) 7725 33 46 47 or email

About The Suit

In many cases, it is difficult for healthcare professionals who have never been overweight or obese, to truly relate to the experience of what it is like to be an obese person. Though they are well aware of the health risks relating to this condition they are largely unaware of the day to day discomfort and inconvenience that their patients might experience. In an effort to raise awareness whilst providing an innovative teaching tool we have developed the Two-Part Obesity Empathy Suit.

The suit replicates the appearance of an additional 15 Kg for women and 20 Kg for men of body fat. The wearer not only looks larger, but weighs more and is able to empathise by learning what it is like to carry out normal, daily activities as an obese person. The suits are handmade to order from high quality, durable fabric and materials and are available to order in both male and female versions.

The Obesity Empathy Suit is the go to choice for obesity simulation by both academic and medical professionals throughout the world.