You might know what Obese means...
...But do you know how it Feels?

Experience, Educate, Empathise

The Obesity Empathy Suit

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Call today on
+44 (0) 7725 33 46 47 or email

Call today on: +44 (0) 7725 33 46 47 or email

How To Order

The Two-Part Obesity Empathy Suit
The two-part obesity empathy suit is available to order in both male and female versions, and is completely adjustable for a comfortable fit. It comprises of a lower body section worn similar to skiing salopettes, with supporting straps which fit comfortably over the shoulders, and an upper torso with an adjustable waist strap which is fastened at the rear with a heavy duty zip fastener.

The suit also comes in a durable polyurethane travel case with a set of clothes to fit the suit and a full set of usage instructions.

What comes with your order?

  • Large polyurethane travel case
  • 1 x Empathy Suit (Either male or female)
  • Clothing (Either male or female depending on your selection)
  • - Usage Instructions

How to place your order
To order your suit please send an email to stating which suit you are interested in ordering (male or female) and detail the delivery address of where you would like the Empathysuit to be sent, and the number of suits you require. We will send you a detailed quotation including shipping costs and can provide a pro-forma invoice, should you require one.

Various payment options are available including invoice (subject to status), company cheque and most major credit cards.